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NY Electrical Repairs

Backyard Design

Do you have anoying smoke detectors that aren't doing their job and instead making your crazy from the beeping? This is an obvious sign that you could have electrical problems through out your home.

Most smoke detectors are connected through your homes wiring to ensure that all the detectors go off in case of a fire. A short in the system, or even a dead battery in some cases can cause the system to activate under otherwise normal conditions. If you are having this problem, we can help.

Service Panel Repairs - Circuit Breaker Service

Repairs made to your service panel and the breakers it incases must be performed carefully, and under the supervision of trained electricians. When doing electrical repairs, first ensure that all power is off to the box and the home by closing the main circuit breaker to the off possition.

Fuse, Outlet, Light & Fixture Replacement

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If you are ready to make some upgrades to homes electrical system, we can take care of all your needs including outlet installation, fuse replacement, breaker installation, light and fan installation, and appliance install and replacement.

Some appliances won't fit your homes current electrical setup and will need additional outlets to support different plug types. It isn't a problem to replace a gas stove or clothes dryer with an electric version and depending on your location, it could save you money. Likewise, adding a washer and dryer electrical system in the location of your choice is an easy installation job for our professionals.

Security system repairs, outdoor lighting problems, and home wiring issues are what we are here for. No matter what the electrical system is that you need repaired, start with us to get he lowest electrical quote in NYC.